About PVinsight

PVinsight is a small spin-off company situated in Port Elizabeth South Africa. We are a small team of physicists, researchers and students of Nelson Mandela University offering consulting and testing services for your solar energy projects.

Our team specialises in Photovoltaic module testing, either at our SANAS accredited laboratory or on-site. Our services range from Pre-/post installation to regular inspections for long-term needs. Tests can be performed on entire shipments or just a sample of modules.

Our History


Research and Development

Our experts:

  • Attend and present at scientific conferences and workshops locally and internationally on an annual basis
  • Regularly have their research papers published - conference proceedings and journal articles Internationally and nationally
  • Serve or participate regularly in several local and international committees In the photovoltaics field.

Our experts are actively involved in the following research activities in association with the PV Group at Nelson Mandela University:

  • Electroluminescence and infrared imaging techniques
  • PV systems research:
    • Solar home systems.
    • Grid-integrated PV.
    • Building Applied PV (BAPV).
  • Energy yield studies.
  • Concentrator PV (CPV).
  • Solar resource assessment.

Knowledge Transfer

We train students to help conduct tests, assist in on-site measurements and with data analysis, providing them with work experience in their field and in an accredited lab environment.


We are members of several organizations and associations of our industry and some of our experts participate in the following groups or are registered as professional members: