About Us

PVinsight is a spin-out company of Nelson Mandela University, a fact we always lead with in any company introduction because of the immense pride we have in the university and the importance that the company puts on ethical research and academic integrity. Our team is passionate about PV module quality and offering world-class consulting and testing services. Our office and fixed location Laboratory is in Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth), South Africa. We offer Field testing and Mobile lab services across South Africa.


The vision of PVinsight is to be leaders in the PV Quality landscape.


It is the mission of PVinsight to provide professional PV Quality testing services.


Ernest van Dyk


Brian Mphahlele

Non-Executive Director

Adriaan Meyer

Non-Executive Director

Tracey Mouton

Non-Executive Director

Phuti Chelopo-Mgobozi

Alternate Director

The PVi Promise

Comprehensive Testing Services

We offer testing services for photovoltaic modules at all levels, from utility-scale installations feeding into the electricity grid to plants powering industries, companies, and residential. Our testing adheres strictly to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, and we are proudly accredited as a testing laboratory by the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS).

Expertise and Methodology

Led by a team of physicists and researchers from NMU, PVinsight utilises cutting-edge techniques to assess module quality and performance.

Empowering Our Clients

Armed with accredited module reports, our clients gain significant leverage in warranty claims and recourse with manufacturers or project developers. Our testing services play a vital role in ensuring the integrity and longevity of PV installations, mitigating risks associated with inferior quality modules and defective performance.

Providing Industry Insight

With the surge in large-scale PV installations, the demand for thorough testing has increased, driven by insurance claims ranging from hail damage to defective performance. Our expertise extends beyond testing; we collaborate closely with industry partners and stay abreast of the latest developments in manufacturing processes and solar module types.

Continuous Improvement

In addition to testing new modules, we assess existing utility-scale PV plants to address performance issues and degradation over time. These insights inform decisions to enhance performance, replace outdated modules, or implement upgrades.

Our History

The history of PVinsight begins with the Photovoltaic Research group (PVRG), started in the NMMU Physics department by Prof Ernest van Dyk. Under the leadership of Ernest van Dyk and Freddie Vorster, the PVRG is the leading research group In the PV industry in South Africa, focusing on PV module characterisation and degradation. Publishing over a hundred journal articles and conference outputs in the field of PV.

In 2014, as the South African PV industry began to grow with the development of REIPP Bid Window 1 projects, there was a need to provide testing services to the industry. The large utility scale project required Quality Assurance that the deployed modules annual degradation was monitored and measured. The PV testing laboratory operating within the NMMU was setup to provide these services.

PVinsight was established in 2017, in order to assist in the commercial and operational support and officially spin-out from the university.
When the 5 year SANAS accreditation cycle ended in 2021, it was decided to reapply as PVinsight. A change in legal entity means the accreditation number changes too.

PVinsight continues to work towards excellence in the field of PV quality testing.


Founded the Photovoltaics Testing Lab (PVTL).


Received Accreditation.


Spin-off Company PVinsight:
Reg No. 2017/396508/07.


PVinsight Accreditation.


We collaborate with various companies and institutions within our industry to drive innovation, enhance quality, aid our testing services and support our goals. Our partnerships include the following entities:


We are members of several organisations and associations of our industry and our experts participate in the following groups or are registered as professional members:

A Message From Our CEO

We are committed to exceeding client expectations by delivering exceptional value and excellence in PV quality testing. We actively seek opportunities for positive improvement, ensuring that we continuously enhance our offerings for the benefit of our customers and PV stakeholders.

Prof Ernest van Dyk

CEO, PVinsight