Accredited Photovoltaic Module Testing Services in South Africa

Elevate your solar confidence with PVinsight’s accredited testing services. We’ll help you ensure optimal performance by mitigating losses from underperformance.

Experts in PV Testing

Providing Performance and Functionality

The quality of your photovoltaic modules is critical to ensure your system’s performance. PVinsight is a South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, offering comprehensive testing services tailored to meet the highest industry standards, including IEC standards and our meticulous in-house procedures.

We are an independent laboratory that specialises in verifying claimed module performance. We provide our clients with the assurance they need in their PV systems’ continued performance, reliability, and functionality.

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Ensuring Longevity and Efficiency

Photovoltaic modules are engineered to endure, with an expected lifespan of up to 30 years, even in the harshest environments. However, it’s imperative to understand potential defects and performance-degrading mechanisms to maximise efficiency and longevity.

Whether your installation is rooftop or utility-scale, PVinsight offers the expertise and insight necessary to identify and mitigate issues, ensuring the optimal performance of your solar panels throughout their lifespan.

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Driving Cost Reduction Through Reliability

As the solar industry evolves, reducing costs while maintaining reliability is essential. Research indicates that increasing the reliability and service lifetime of PV modules is central to achieving this goal.

We are dedicated to supporting this objective by delivering rigorous testing services that meet industry standards and contribute to the longevity and cost-effectiveness of your PV systems.

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Pioneering Excellence in PV Inspection

PVinsight’s team includes experts in the PV field with decades of experience, a world-renowned academic background, and links to the PV Research Group (PVRG) at Nelson Mandela University. This team is backed up by a strong team of PhD graduates, students and technicians trained to perform the tests according to IEC standards and in-house procedures.