Meet Our Experts

Our specialists can provide insight to performance limiting defects identified by the tests performed. PVinsight’s dynamic team include experts in the PV field with decades of experience, with a strong research background and links to the PV research group at the Nelson Mandela University. This team is backed up by a strong team of PhD students and technicians trained to perform the tests according to IEC standards and in-house procedures.


Prof Ernest van Dyk


PhD, Pr.Nat.Sci., PR.Phys.


Ernest has more than 20 years of experience in PV characterisation, specialising in PV device, module and systems. He is also a Professor of Physics at the Nelson Mandela University and has supervised more than 30 MSc and PhD students on a variety of various topics in the PV field.



Dr Jacqui Crozier McCleland


PhD, Pr.Nat.Sci., PR.Phys.


Jacqui completed her PhD at NMMU in the field of photovoltaic (PV) device characterisation focusing on Electroluminescence (EL) in 2014. She is the Laboratory Manager at the Nelson Mandela University, Photovoltaics testing lab (PVinsight). She has done extensive research on cell mismatch and degradation in PV modules.



Dr Freddie Vorster




Freddie has almost 20 years of experience in various aspects of PV technology and characterisation. He is involved with R&D of new and improved PV characterisation techniques keeping the PVi team at the forefront of the latest on-site and lab based PV testing methods. Freddie is also a senior lecturer at the Nelson Mandela University.

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